Best Things Iowa is a website in search of- -what else- -the best things in Iowa. The best things to see, to do, to enjoy, to eat- - they cover it all, and in one recent article, the best pizza in Iowa was their target.

Go ahead and ask anyone what is one food they could eat every day of their life and many would put pizza high up on that list. Even the worst pizza you've ever eaten is better than never having the culinary wonder pass between your lips.

Just to reiterate - -yes, even bad pizza is better than none. Truth.

What makes a great pizza?

If Best things in Iowa is to be believed - - variety is what makes all of the top Iowa pizza places outstanding.

The Chicago-style pies from the Wig & Pen in Iowa City have been deemed the best in the state of Iowa. This pizza that landed at the top of the best pizza in Iowa list has an interesting history that began "across the pond" as it were!

According to their website, the Wig & Pen was inspired by a club of the same name located on  "The Strand" in London whose members were all lawyers or journalists. And indeed, Iowa's version of the Wig & Pen was founded in 1988 by an attorney and has been in business ever since.

Its history also parallels its British cousin. The London Wig & Pen survived the 1666 Great Fire of London and the Blitz in World War II. The Iowa City Wig & Pen has survived flooding in 1993 and 2008 and come back stronger than before.

Here then is the list of the Best Pizzas in Iowa:

If you're not hungry after checking out all of these tremendous pizza joints- -well - -you really may need to see a doctor!

Source: Best Things Iowa

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