It may be 2024, but we are still dealing with the long tail of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Lots of the plans made in Sioux Falls were disrupted, canceled, or postponed.

But, now, one of those postponed plans is on track to happen at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls in 2024. It looks like Dillard's department store is, for real this time, on track to open soon.

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Long-Awaited Arrival: Dillard's To Finally Open In Sioux Falls In March 2024
Dillard's entrance, Empire Mall in Sioux Falls, January 2024. (Photo: TSM Sioux Falls)

If you've been to the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls recently you've probably seen that the former Yonkers space now says 'Dillard's.' It's even listed on the Empire Mall's website.

Dillard's is on track for a March 2024 opening and is starting to hire a staff of retail professionals.

Dillard's Hiring Event

The Long Saga of Dillard's Coming to Sioux Falls

We first heard about the department store Dillard's coming to the Empire Mall in December 2018. At the time, plans were for Dillard's to open in late 2019 in the old Younkers space at the mall.

But, the fall of 2019 came and went, then in early 2020 everything got rescheduled because know.

It was announced in August of 2022 that plans were back on for Dillard's department store to come to Sioux Falls. This time the plan was to open in the fall of 2023. But again, fall 2023 came and went without Dillard's.

Now in January 2024, it looks like the long journey of Dillard's to Sioux Falls is finally over. Signs are up and the inside of the story is nearly ready to go.

This will be the first store in the Upper Midwest for the Arkansas-based company. There are stores in Iowa and Nebraska.

Dillard’s Senior Vice President Chris Johnson said in a 2022 statement, “We are very happy to continue our plans for The Empire Mall, bringing our premier shopping experience to our new Sioux Falls customers. We are looking forward to developing longstanding client relationships by serving the area at an exceptional level.”

Yonkers had been one of the Empire Mall's anchor stores since the mall opened in Sioux Falls in 1975. In early 2018 the department store Yonkers was going out of business. The former Yonkers space at the mall has been empty since the store closed.

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