If you want a virtually mosquito-free experience this summer, put this Minnesota State Park on your vacation list.

Thanks to a perk from Mother Nature, this Minnesota State Park is nearly free of the blood-sucking pest, year in and year out.

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Where is the Nearly Mosquito-Free Minnesota State Park?

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

You can find Whitewater State Park in the Southeast part of Minnesota, not far away from the Mississippi River town of Winona.

So, what makes this state park different from the rest? Why is the rest of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes overwhelmed with mosquitoes in the summer, yet this park is almost completely void of the pests? The answer is actually quite simple.

According to CBS News, it's all about the movement of the water:

Because of the glaciers missing this area, we've got that highly-fractured, highly-dissolvable limestone, allowing water to sink quickly underground, dissolve crevices, create passages, sinkholes, springs, a number of really rare features unique just to this area. We have cold, moving water in this region, It's not very hospitable for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes need more stagnant or slow-moving, warmer water to breed.

-Sara Holger/CBS News Website

Not only is the park almost completely free of the blood-sucking pests, but it's also an amazing place to visit. It has numerous trails and camping areas available, plus, the historic Chimney Rock is always a site to behold.

You can learn more about Whitewater State Park in the YouTube video below.

Story Sources: CBS News Website, Minnesota DNR Website

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