Golf season is in full swing throughout the Sioux Empire. Especially since the Midwest only has about four months to get on a golf course before Jack Frost rolls into town.

There are beautiful golf courses across South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. But Minnesota courses stand out from the rest. In fact, three Minnesota golf course was named one of the best golf courses in the country.

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A new article from Golf Digest just released the 2023 list of "America's 100 Greatest Public Courses." According to the writers of the ranking, "America's 100 Greatest Public Courses" from Golf Digest is "meant to be both a marker of exemplary golf design and a guide to where you might want to play, either soon or on a special occasion trip." Some of the public golf courses listed can be pricy. However, there are public courses that are budget-friendly and great for any level of golfer.

Some of the top golf courses on "America's 100 Greatest Public Courses" from Golf Digest include:

  • Pebble Beach Golf Links in Pebble Beach, California
  • Pacific Dunes in Bandon, Oregon
  • Pinehurst No. 2 in Pinehurst, North Carolina
  • Erin Hills Golf Course in Hartford, Wisconsin

So where is the best public golf course in Minnesota? Three Minnesota public golf courses were the best of the best.

The Quarry at Giants Ridge in Biwabik

This course was voted the #1 best public course in Minnesota.

The Wilderness At Fortune Bay in Tower

You can find this golf course right along Lake Vermillion.

The Classic at Madden's Resort in Brainerd is the last Minnesota course that made the list.

This course has received many awards in the past. It's even been part of the "America's 100 Greatest Public Courses" rankings from Golf Digest more than once.

For the full list of "America's 100 Greatest Public Courses," click here.

10 Smallest Towns In Minnesota 2022

Minnesota is the Land Of 10,000 Lakes and 853 towns. Even if you know the state well I'll bet you haven't even heard of Minnesota's 10 smallest towns.

Dives Worth a Drive in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota

Almost every small South Dakota town has a watering hole. It’s where the locals go to kick back a few brews and engage in conversation.

Some of these establishments are located in buildings almost as old as the town itself. There might be a fresh coat of paint on the walls or new vinyl on the booth seats, but the ambiance is still reminiscent of a good ol’ dive.

If you think a "dive" is all about the sketchy clientele, the smell of the Devil’s lettuce, and stale Grain Belt, you’d be wrong. Not every dive has a bad reputation.

What makes a dive, a dive?

A dive has character. Neon beer signs and local memorabilia adorn the walls.

You might find a pool table, dart board, and a few video lottery machines.

The bartender knows the regulars by name and they know what you drink.

Some dives don't even serve food except for bags of chips and pickled eggs that sit in a jar of brine on the bar.

Dives aren't fancy. You might see 70's-style wood panels on the walls and wobbly tables leveled with a folded napkin.

Finally, the bathrooms. The bathrooms in dives are in a class by themselves and could be a whole topic on its own. 

There are several small-town dives in our area with friendly faces, cheap booze with a burn, and even really good food! We use the term "dive" in the most affectionate way.

Here are some of the best and why you should go there.

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