Love is in the air for one lucky Minnesota girl! A 25-year-old Account Executive from the town of Becker, Minnesota is about to go on a crazy journey in the hopes of finding love.

Daisy Kent is a Minnesota native hoping to score big on this season of ABC's The Bachelor. She has her eyes set on tennis professional Joey Graziadei. Will this love match be an ace?

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This season of ABC's The Bachelor premieres next Monday, January 22nd. Not only does the televised dating competition promise this to be "unprecedented" and "one of the most dramatic seasons yet." But the show also indicates that Season 28 will be big for this adorable Minnesota gal.

Daisy Kent is one of 32 women fighting to win the final match for Joey Graziadei's heart. Like any reality dating show, ABC's The Bachelor likes to highlight the drama and the heartbreaking moments. Before the world dives into this season's highs and lows, show producers wanted to give their audience a glimpse of who this Minnesota girl is.

Daisy is tougher than she looks. When she was only 17-years-old, Daisy started to lose her hearing because she had Lyme Disease. She's hoping to share her message of perseverance and positivity with Bachelor Nation and more importantly...Joey.

Here are some other fun facts about this fun Minnesotan:

  • Daisy grew up on a Christmas tree farm.
  • She loves singing in her car at the top of her lungs
  • Her biggest dream is to become a bestselling author. By the way...Daisy does have a book! Her book is titled Daisy Doo: All The Sounds She Knew.

More information about this season and Daisy can be found here.

Game, set, match! Go win Joey's heart, Daisy!

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