If the Mayans and their calendar are correct, December 21st is all she wrote! So I hope you enjoyed your last day on earth.

I guess I'm a little unclear as to when the apocalypse is actually supposed to start. Is it right at midnight? 12:07am? Maybe it will be more like 5:31am, sparing us all from having to get up, take a shower and fight rush hour traffic as we head to work again?

Then of course, there's the issue of all of us that have purchased Christmas presents for our friends and loved ones already. Did we waste our money? Do you think maybe I should have caved in and let my wife open her Christmas presents early?

Man! I really wish the Mayans would have been a little clearer on the exact start time of this whole end of the world thing!

I was reading an article today from an expert on the ancient Mayans who lives in Chicago. He claims the Mayan belief that the world will end on December 21st of this year is based on a misunderstanding of the calendar.

Gary Feinman, the curator of Mesoamerican anthropology with Chicago's Field Museum said, "There’s really no basis for thinking we have to be worried about what will happen. There's no Maya prophesy of doom." Feinman says "the ancient Mayans also wrote down dates for events taking place after the calendar rolls over December 21st."

Well, I guess if you believe him, welcome to another day of more killings, pollution, climate change, murder and mayhem! Yippee!

Quick, look out your window! Off in the distance, is that the mother ship coming from Heaven's Gate? Now where did I put my black and white Nike tennis shoes?