High temps could rise into the +100's again in South Dakota this week.  After a while you run out of way to explain how hot it's going to get.

I do remember some of the classic colorful ways I've heard hot weather explained.  I've list some of them here.  But I know i'm missing some really great ones.

So, what is a great 'It's So Hot...' quote that needs to be added to this list?

Top 'It's So Hot' Quotes That May Only Make Sense to South Dakotans:

  • It's So Hot...I went outside to fire up the grill, and it had already lit itself.
  • It's So Hot...I saw a Robin wearing potholders to pull worms.
  • It's So Hot...Cows were giving evaporated milk.
  • It's So Hot...Chickens were laying hard boiled eggs.
  • It's So Hot...Two fire hydrants were fighting over a dog.
  • It's So Hot...The corn field popped.
  • It's So Hot...I saw a Squirrel Fanning his nuts.

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