Do we really need a video to prove that South Dakota girls are just a little bit tougher than other girls?

Let me introduce you to Trinity, one of the 'Wild Dakota Calendar' girls, who is quick to show that fishing in Mobridge, South Dakota, is pretty good right now!

South Dakota is known for its many outdoor activities like hunting and fishing.  And those activities aren't just for "the boys", but the calendar just might be.  Even though the 'Wild Dakota Girls Calendar' may show more than beautiful South Dakota women  hunting and fishing, there is a greater purpose for the calendar.

In 2007, Dawn Konold started the 'Wild Dakota Girls Calendar' after she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After fighting and beating breast cancer, Dawn, along with her daughter Amanda, wanted to find a way to give back and help fight the disease.

Knowing that South Dakota has many beautiful women that enjoy being outdoors, Konold decided to showcase those women doing what they love.  But the idea didn't start as the 'Wild Dakota Girls Calendar', it evolved into the project after getting some help from a family friend.

With her husband Kerry, as a source of support and the Production Director of the calendar, Konold has chosen to give a portion of the proceeds to help fight breast cancer.  And with this being the second year of the calendar, Konold continues to donate funds to fight the disease.

We are already into the new year, but the 'Wild Dakota Girls Calendar' is still available for purchase along with posters and koozys.  Remember, a portion of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer awareness.

To order a calendar, visit the Wild Dakota Girls website or visit their Facebook page.

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