A former Little League coach from California, has filed a civil summons in Placer County Superior Court against one of his 14-year old players, alleging that he was injured by the player after he crossed home plate and scored a game-winning run.

Alan Beck, a chiropractor from California, is suing the teen and his family for $500,000 for pain and suffering and another $100,000 for lost wages and medical bills after Beck claims the teen threw his helmet in the air after crossing home plate.  Beck claims the helmet came down and struck him on the back of the ankle, severing his Achilles tendon.

Joe Paris, the father of the 14-year old, says his son was on 2nd base when the teen's teammate connected with the ball, allowing him to score the game-winning run.  As the teen crossed home plate, he celebrated the win by throwing his helmet in the air, with no intention of hurting anyone. But that's when the teen's own coach said the helmet came down and hit him on the leg, severing the tendon.

When Paris first heard of the lawsuit, he thought it was a joke, but has since had to pay over $4,000 to cover his own legal fees in response to what many are calling a frivolous lawsuit.  Legal experts that have looked at the case agree that it will be a tough case to prove, because baseball is a sport where balls, bats and helmets are tossed around during games and Beck signed on to coach a contact sport.

Source:  Crazy True News