Heading into every NFL season we hear about how tough it will be to win the NFC East, but is it really a marquee division these days?

When you hear "NFC East" you think about some of the great rivalries in football (Giants-Eagles, Redskins-Cowboys). The division has more Super Bowl victories (12) than anyone, and more NFC Championships (20), making it the most successful division since the 1970 merger.

Right now, though, three of the four teams have losing records—and little playoff hope.

Lately—with the exception of the New York Giants (6-4 this year, and winners of last year's Super Bowl)—the NFC East hasn't done a whole lot. The Dallas Cowboys (4-5) haven't won the division since 2009 and haven't even made the playoffs since then. The Cowboys last Super Bowl came in 1995.

The Philadelphia Eagles (3-6) showed some real promise even up to a couple years ago, but the last two seasons have been very disappointing. And, as no Eagles fan needs reminding, they've never won a Super Bowl. Andy Reid, the longest-tenured coach in the NFL, may even get the boot soon.

The Washington Redskins (3-6) have been pretty much irrelevant for some time now, but at least RG3 is providing their fans with some excitement.