Wow has social media been buzzing about the story of Clint Eastwood moving to Sioux Falls.  The web article from Local News 33 says Eastwood is looking for a better life, and he's found it in Sioux Falls:

In a big surprise to everyone in Los Angeles, Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood has announced today in an interview that he is moving to the Sioux Falls, South Dakota area. He told the magazine that he was 'tired of the L.A. lifestyle' and was looking for a change in life.

Just when you start to wonder if he'll be moving into the swanky new areas in south Sioux Falls or perhaps big an acreage with a vista of rolling hills off of Madison Street, I'll need to burst your bubble.  It's a hoax.

Local News 33 is a satire website.  They fully admit it if you click on their contact/about us page:

Local News 33 is a fantasy news site.  All news articles on are satire or pure fantasy.

Gosh I wish it were true!  Maybe if we'd circulate a petition and send it to him, he'd consider.  That would 'make my day!'

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