In case you forgot, the Minnesota Twins are still in first place in the AL Central.

Back at the end of April I wrote a article on how good the Twins were playing and how much fun this season may turn out to be.

That article was met with skepticism and criticism from some that I was getting way too excited about a team only a month into the season.

Sometimes during a long MLB season, that excitement early can turn to disappointment later, but you could tell only a month into the season that this team was legit.

Fast forward six weeks later and this team continues to prove that it is legit.

As we sit here today, the Minnesota Twins have a ten game lead over the Cleveland Indians and they appear to have no intention of looking back.

Add to the equation a front office that looks to be working on adding players before the end of July trade deadline and this team could be even more deadly down the stretch run.

So as I said back in April, May and now in June, if you are a Twins fan, enjoy this season.

Don't be pessimistic, be optimistic that this season could end in a World Series title for the Minnesota Twins.


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