2020 has been ridiculous. To cope with all the crazy, some people have turned to God, some have picked up new hobbies, and others have taken to alcohol to drown their sorrows. In a new video, it appears that a squirrel is taking the self-medication route.

Katy Morlok from Minnesota has been working from home lately and watching squirrels have become a hobby. Morlok was cleaning out her refrigerator and found some old pears. She figured it would be a good idea to set them in a bowl and place them on the deck as a tasty snack for the squirrels.

It didn't take long before a squirrel bellied-up to the bowl and took a pear up the tree. About an hour later, Morlok noticed the same squirrel return, but this time it was stumbling around like a drunk prom date.

“And then it kind of dawned on me…oh no, those pears were so old I bet they fermented,” Morlok told Fox 9. “And then he got drunk and I did not mean to do that so I went out and I grabbed all the pears.”

Morlok was concerned for the squirrel, but she said, “In the morning, he came back for his little hangover breakfast and he’s been fine ever since.”

No word on if Morlok left out a couple of ibuprofen pills with the squirrel's hangover breakfast.

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