The Rolling Stones wrapped their 50th Anniversary shows (for now) Saturday night with a slew of special guests including Bruce Springsteen, Mick Taylor, Gary Clark Jr., John Mayer and Lady Gaga.

When Gaga first appeared on the scene, I wasn't (and still am not) a fan of her music, but I respected her because she was different in a way I hadn't seen since Madonna. So when I heard that she was going to be a guest on the final Stones show, I was more than skeptical, thinking that they certainly wouldn't need her name on the marquee to sell tickets.

Sarah and I were out on Saturday night so we didn't get the pay per view special but when I got to work this morning, I talked to KSOO newsman Gene Hetland who I can say without a doubt, is NOT a Lady Gaga listener. But he and his wife and some friends decided to get the special and he started telling me about the show with "those guys still got game" followed closely by "Lady Gaga can really wail".

Hearing words of praise from Gene made me go to YouTube to check it out for myself. Now keep in mind that you'll have to get past her outfit and the high heels that almost defy gravity and physics and just listen. I didn't think anyone could touch Merry Clayton's vocals on the original take of 'Gimme Shelter', but after this performance, I may have underestimated Gaga. You be the judge: