Did you know that public speaking is known as the number one fear that most of us have. The good news is this: if you have a fear of public speaking, there is a sure fire way to put it in the past!

That’s just what David Sneen did eight years ago when he joined a Sioux Falls Toastmaster’s Club.

“I certainly am more able to speak with confidence thanks to my membership in a Sioux Falls Toastmasters Club. When my father-in-law died, I was the one giving the eulogy even though he was not my father. I was able to get up and become a part of the service.”

Over the years, David says his experiences with Toastmasters have always been upbeat and positive.

“You get a whole lot of encouragement when you first sign for the Toastmaster’s Club. The feedback is really positive and uplifting. This continues as you are asked to present additional talks. All the encouragement provides the foundation for becoming a very confident public speaker.”

If you have a fear of public speaking, David offers this hard earned advice.

“Confronting your fear and becoming better at public speaking gives you confidence in all aspects of your life. What’s really good are the members of the Toastmasters Clubs that are professionals and actually mentor the beginning speakers. This help is invaluable for someone who is looking for direction as a public speaker.”

If you would like to know more about Toastmasters and how to contact a club, David Sneen suggests you check out their website: www.toastmasters.org.

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