As the number of candles on your birthday cake increases, the hope is that the bottom line on your bank account does the same.

According to the numbers, that's true for the most part.

BestLife, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, broke it down by age group:

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Of working-age Americans, not surprisingly, the youngest age group also brings in the least amount of money. Those ages 16 to 19 make $435 per week, $1,885 per month, and $22,620 per year.

The next age group up makes about 30 percent more.

Workers between 20 and 24 earn $576 per week, $2,496 per month, and $29,962 per year.

The biggest jump hits once the average American approaches their 30s, where income goes up close to 40 percent.

Those 25 to 34 earn $793 a week, $3,436 a month, and $41,236 per year.

Those increases start to taper off once you head into your 40s. The amount of money is still going up, just not as fast. It's an additional 25 percent or so for ages 35 to 44 with $986 per week, $4,272 per month, and $51,272 per year.

Things really begin to level off once you head into your 50s. With an average income of  $1,004 a week, $4,350 a month, and $52,308 a year.

As retirement looms, you bring in less as you rely more on what you've saved for your 'golden years'.

Ages 55 to 64 bring in $970 a week, $4,203 a month, and $50,440 a year, while those ages 65 and up clear $911 a week, $3,947 a month, and  $47,372 a year.


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