Late last month we were privy to the news that 'How I Met Your Mother' would be dipping into its past guest stars once again, as Kyle MacLachlan ('Twin Peaks,' 'Portlandia') would reprise his role as Stella's ex-husband George "The Captain" Van Smoot, appearing in Monday's "The Ashtray" with a mysterious request for Ted. Now, a new clip from the episode has made its way to the internet, but have The Captain's intentions been revealed? Get a sneak peek of the latest 'How I Met Your Mother' inside!

As we head through the latter half of 'How I Met Your Mother's penultimate season, the narrative seems to be closing off its romantic pairings with Barney and Robin firmly together, while Ted has but one more romantic mistake to make before meeting with the titular mother. Next Monday's "The Ashtray" may throw a wrench into the works however, as "The Captain" (Kyle MacLachlan) returns to the mix, seemingly with eyes for Robin!

Courtesy of CBS, the latest clip from Monday's episode sees Ted, Barney and Marshall all questioning why The Captain would seek out Ted, especially after Stella had been so long removed from his life, but Marshall's curiosity gets the better of the three to find out.

Check out the latest clip from Monday's all-new 'How I Met Your Mother' episode "The Ashtray" below, and give us your predictions for the season in the comments!