I was out tooling around on the Sioux Falls bike trails and came across a 'Pickleball' complex on the east side of the city at the Bob Burns Football Complex.

I didn't know you could play Pickleball in Sioux Falls.  As a matter of fact, I didn't know what Pickleball was or that this was even a 'thing'.

Turns out not only is Pickleball a thing in Sioux Falls, it's a big thing.  There is even a Sioux Falls Pickleball Club.

You basically play Pickleball with an oversized Ping Pong paddle and an undersized wiffle ball.  You can play singles or doubles on a tennis-like court. Serving and scoring however is much different than tennis.

After seeing few YouTubes of Pickleball play, it looks like fun! Pickleball in Sioux Falls ... we are truly a cosmopolitan city!

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