Popcorn, toast, and jellybeans - -oh my! Who can forget that wacky meal served by Snoopy in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?

To be fair there were also a few pretzel sticks. This holiday classic has been airing on network television since 1973. A tradition for families ever since then. But last year was very different.

Apple TV in one of the Grinchiest, Scroogiest, Lucy Van Peltiest moves, bought the rights to all the Peanuts holiday specials. So anyone who was not a subscriber to the streaming service was left in a Charle Brown-less funk.

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Now thanks to Public Television talking some sense into the Apple+ jerks, non-streaming households will once again have the joy of seeing and sharing these wonderful traditional television treasures.

Even though it is probably one of the cruelest acts perpetrated on the hapless Charlie Brown every year, when Lucy pulls the football away from him, it still makes me chuckle sadly at how gullible he is. He propels himself toward that football with everything in him, certain that this time it will all be different!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will air on PBS and PBS Kids at 6:30 PM Central Time on Sunday, November 21. And even though PBS now allows commercials, (usually before and after a presentation) there will be none during this showing.

If you don't stream, have cable, or access to PBS, and want to enjoy this sweet reminder of the value of friendship and the real meaning of Thanksgiving, I suggest buying the DVD so you can watch it again and again with your family.

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