Past the midway point of its second season, Showtime's Emmy darling drama 'Homeland' has proven itself a master of the final act gut punch, delivering perhaps its greatest shock in the final moments of last night's nail-biter "I'll Fly Away."  Now that a face from Brody's past has returned, and the CIA just about powerless to stop an incoming terrorist attack, what will Carrie Matheson do?  And how will the Brody family react to their patriarch being at the center of a terrorist attack?  Find out in the latest clips!

With a clean-shaven Abu Nazir in America, and a terrorist plot in the work, the last few episodes of 'Homeland's gripping second season have really delivered.  But what will our hero Carrie Matheson do to protect her country, now that Brody's been taken off the grid, and with another attack still imminent?  Will Carrie exploit her only other leads, even if if ends up in Brody's death?

And what of the Brody family itself?  How long will it take to learn of Nicholas' capture, and could they themselves be targets of the next attacks?  Showtime has released clips from the latest episode, next Sunday's "Two Hats,' previewing just what to expect!  Do you think 'Homeland' will finish out its second season just as strong?

Check out the clips from next Sunday's 'Homeland' "Two Hats" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!