High Wnd warnings are in effect in the Sioux Falls area tonight (10/21) and are expected to be quite fierce. The north-northwest winds will howl from 35 - 60 MPH for southeast South Dakota, northwest Iowa, and southwest Minnesota.

Weather apps and emergency agencies are predicting that strong gusts may bring down trees and power lines. Power outages are also a possibility and may make travel hazardous, especially for high-profile vehicles.

The High Wind Warning is set to expire at 4:00 AM Tuesday (10/22) so it may be a noisy night.

This should also serve as a good reminder to secure patio furniture, grills, and patio umbrellas. Large plastic garbage bins may also get blown down the road and, as we all know, that's not a lot of fun to clean up.

Pro Tip: Keep a flashlight, batteries, a lantern, and a few candles nearby. And if you have one, gas up the generator. Because the way this year's weather has unfolded, one just never knows.



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