Still a little bitter over your latest breakup? Wish you could do a little 'voodoo' on your ex? There's a place that offers that service!

A store in London is letting people get even with their ex's for Valentine's Day by offering a voodoo doll  WITH giant stick pins! You can order the custom made doll, sewn with a piece of your ex's clothing, from the Voodoo Your Ex website.

You even get to pick your five hexes, one for the torso and one for each limb. Some of the choices include the obligatory STD, impotence and diarrhea to boob sag, gout, root canal surgery and zero twitter followers!

The cost of the doll is $32.50 American. So if you come down with a malady or your 'Twitter' suddenly can't tweet on Valentine's Day, you may want to contact an ex!