Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  In my opinion, it's also the tastiest meal of the day!  A restaurant in the Sioux Empire that will satisfy all your breakfast cravings is the Original Pancake House!

It's hard to deny the popularity of the Original Pancake House. There are times when the waiting area at Original Pancake House is filled to capacity. People then have to wait outside or return when it's not so busy. It can be frustrating. However, management at the Original Pancake House just made waiting for its delicious food a whole lot easier.

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The Original Pancake House now offers an online waiting service to its loyal and new pancake-loving customers. This online wait list is really easy to use too!

When you visit the website, people craving breakfast from the Original Pancake House can sign-up on the waitlist. You can find the link in the left-hand corner of the website.

Original Pancake House (via website screenshot)
Original Pancake House (via website screenshot)

Once you click the QR code, it will direct you to the current waitlist and wait time at the Original Pancake House. You can join the waitlist by simply leaving your name and a contact phone number to call once your table is ready.

Depending on the day of the week and the time of the day, you can get really lucky and not have to wait at all! However, it never hurts to check out the waitlist just in case.

Original Pancake House (via website screenshot)
Original Pancake House (via website screenshot)

There are many reasons why the Original Pancake House is truly worth the wait. The fare is definitely at the top of that list! I recently enjoyed the  "Pigs in a Blanket." It's three buttermilk pancakes with a sausage wrapped around each pancake. So yummy!

The wait sure tastes great at the Original Pancake House!

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