Waking up in Sioux Falls on Sunday morning felt like Christmas in October.  Now if you were like me, you probably were not happy to see snow falling in the middle of fall.  However, snow in October is not totally uncommon in the Sioux Falls area.

Our friends over at the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls provided a little history lesson on snowfall in October.

I was in disbelief when I looked outside my window.  So much so that I decided to tweet about the snow gracing Sioux Falls.  I was curious to see what my Twitter followers had to say about winter making an early appearance in the Sioux Empire.  To my surprise, the National Weather Service took the time to teach me about October snowfalls for the Sioux Falls area.

According to the National Weather Service's reply on Twitter, a snowstorm did hit Sioux Falls on Halloween.  "The biggest snow storm was Halloween of 1991, with 8.8". There is also the daily record of 6.1" on Oct 17, 1898," explains the National Weather Service.

So did Sioux Falls break snowfall records over the weekend?  We sure did!

We broke two daily records for October 24th and October 25th.  Saturday evening, Sioux Falls accumulated 0.9" of snow, just under an inch.  The previous record was 0.2" of snow in 1981.   Throughout Sunday morning into the afternoon, Sioux Falls collected an additional 3.4" inches of snow.  The last record for October 25th was 2.0" inches in 1916.  In total, Sioux Falls welcomed 4.3" inches of snow over the weekend.

Despite all the snow on the ground, warmer weather is on the way!  The National Weather Service website shows that we could be in the 50s by Halloween!  Perfect weather to go trick-or-treating!

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