This cold is brutal. I have never enjoyed the temperature, but I have never had to worry about finding warm shelter or gear for me an my family to stay warm.

My friend Jodi sees and shares all sorts of things on her biking adventures.

I often wonder if she sees more than most because of the way she loves to travel.

I've noticed that compassion most of the time starts with noticing, and once you see somethings its almost impossible to unsee them.

Every year there are countless people who need a place to stay from the cold, and in need of the proper cold weather gear a lot of us take for granted.

The scarf in downtown Sioux Falls in the picture has this note attached to it:

I am not lost

If you need this scarf to stay warm please take it.

Then do something to help someone else today if you can.

I've seen this type of giving posted in other cities, and countries, but never in Sioux Falls, and I love the thoughts behind this.

When we walk a little slower we will see the people around us and hear their needs.

The Bishop Dudley Hospitality House in Sioux Falls is one place people can find shelter, help, and hope when experiencing homelessness.

If you would like to find ways to help them help folks click here.

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