The Oxford Dictionary defines the word "MEME" as:  'an idea that is passed from one member of society to another, not in the genes but often by people copying it.'

The word meme was coined by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads.  Internet memes are a subset of this general meme concept specific to the culture and environment of the Internet.

I've always thought of it simply as a picture with writing on it, like the one above.  You see them everywhere on social media.

So how do you pronounce the word 'MEME'?  I had no idea.  And I've heard lots of different people pronounce it lots of different ways.

Is 'MEME' pronounced: 'May-May', 'Me-Me', or maybe 'Meem' with a long 'E' sound?

After lots of office argument and a couple of fist fights we went to youtube for the answer.  Youtube says that you say it like 'MEEM'.  Rhymes with 'SCREEM'.

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