After the votes were tallied a $40 million dollar school bond issue has passed for the Harrisburg School District.

KSFY TV reports that the bond passed with approximately 85 percent approval. The bond will allow the district to build a new elementary school and an addition to the high school.

In late September, according to KSFY, voters in the Sioux Falls School District approved a $190 million bond to build three new schools in the district.

As the region continues to grow in population that puts more demand on schools. And that is what Harrisburg is seeing.

“We grow between 300 and 400 students a year,” Harrisburg Curriculum, Principal & Teacher Effectiveness Director Tanya Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen says the district has tripled in size over the past decade and an expansion was needed to service students.

Construction is expected to begin on the new school and addition in April 2019. Both facilities would be open by the fall of the new 2020 school year.