There's one product that I honestly can say that I've never run out of at home. And that's Coca-Cola.

I love Coke. It was one of the first words my son learned to say when he was an infant.

Give me a tall glass of Coke on the rocks, and my thirst is in check. How about some history on this soft drink?

Coca-Cola was created in 1886. It was mixed up over a fire in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia by a man named John Pemberton. John made Coca-Cola as a medicine to cure stomach aches, headaches and hangovers.

Yes, it's true that cocaine was a very small ingredient of the beverage until Congress banned it in 1904.

Coca-Cola Facts:

  • 12 million gallons of Coke are consumed around the world each day.
  • Ten billion plastic Coca Cola containers distributed worldwide each year.
  • The four most valuable brand names on earth includes Coca-Cola.

Source: Radio Online

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