This year there have been more shortages it seems at the grocery stores than in recent memory.

We couldn't find toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, cleaning supplies, canned food, and other daily necessities including hand sanitizer.

When hand sanitizer began to make its presence online and in stores again, I often wondered if there was a difference between common types of hand sanitizer; and its effectiveness when it comes to killing germs.

(Please note there are more forms of hand sanitizer than just gel and spray, but for the sake of this post I am just comparing these two against one another.)

Is it the spray or the tried and true hand sanitizer gel that we have all come to know? Which is better and why?

According to a website by the name of DigiHerald:

"although spray hand sanitizers are non-sticky and quick, they are not as effective as gel hand sanitizers. The gel also contains a higher dose, which can prevent the germs much more effectively than any spray ever could. Sanitizing the hand is all about proper cleaning of every corner of the hand. It can only be done by rubbing your hands with a gel"- DigiHerald.

Both forms have their advantages and disadvantages as DigiHerald mentions.

Gel hand sanitizer is more readily accessible worldwide but can be quite drying on our skin, nails, and cuticles.

However, this form of hand sanitizer is considered more flammable and can leave spots of discoloration on surfaces.

Spray hand sanitizer can be considered less 'messy' than gel hand sanitizers but can also be ineffective as the spray doesn't get into all the spaces between our fingers.

With this being said, hand sanitizer of any kind can help with the killing of germs and bacteria. But should be used as a temporary solution when soap and water are not available.

Source: DigiHerald

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