Before releasing Low Country Blues in 2011, Gregg Allman hadn't released a solo album in 14 years. But it won't be that long for his next one -- he'll start recording again in December with producer T-Bone Burnett, who produced the last one.

However, the same can't be said for the Allman Brothers, whose drummer, Butch Trucks, tells us it has gotten to the point where "it is just not economically feasible for us to even go in the studio." The Brothers' last studio album was 2003's Hittin' the Note.

Trucks says "Going back in the studio is really not an option anymore. Everyone on the Internet wants free music. Well, I'm afraid they get too much of it to the point where it is just not economically feasible for us to even go in the studio. We can't sell enough of our product to pay for the cost of making a record. I mean it costs a lot of money to make a record and if everyone's stealing the stuff and not paying for the records, then eventually people are gonna stop making those records and we have reached that point."

Allman wraps up his fall tour this weekend with shows in Rutland, Vermont on Friday and Keene, New Hampshire on Sunday. He'll be back out on December 27th in the Allman Brothers' old stomping grounds of Macon, Georgia.