It was just after 11pm, February 20, 2003 when headliners Great White took the stage at The Station night club in West Warwick, Rhode Island. Their tour manager set off pyrotechnics on the stage that ignited flammable sound insulation foam in the walls and ceiling surrounding the stage. The entire club was engulfed in flames in under six minutes.

Of the hundreds in attendance that night, 230 were injured while 130 escaped uninjured. 100 fans lost their lives that night.

The Station Fire Memorial Foundation was founded to remember those lost and injured and raise funds for the survivors families.

Great White singer Jack Russell had planned on doing a concert in California next month as a fundraiser for the fund and foundation but there's one glitch. The Foundation doesn't want his money.

Russell says his manager received an e-mail from the foundation that said, "This is to respect the wishes of the families and survivors who do not wish to have any association with Jack or his Great White…We do not want our name associated with anything Jack Russell or his band does. We do not want any donations or proceeds from anything he does." Russell says he's going figure out another charity to donate proceeds from his February 7th concert in Hermosa Beach, California.