October is a wonderful time for baseball fans.

I think back at all the great moments of Major League Baseball's playoffs during my lifetime and I keep coming up with a lot of moments that involve the greatest closer of all time in Mariano Rivera.

The World Series he closed out, the response he got for the Yankee Stadium faithful when he would emerge in the outfield on the way to the mound and more than anything, his quiet nature while he dominated his opponents.

We watch greats like Rivera over the years in all sports but the worst thing is seeing them exit the game.  Most of the time our sadness isn't directed at the individuals removal from sports but the fact that we won't be able to watch in awe as they captivate us on the field of play.

As we sit in yet another month of October with great storylines throughout the playoffs, I remember all the good moments Rivera delivered on his way to becoming the best closer any of us have ever seen.

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