How many times has something like this happened to you, you're someplace like the Sioux Empire Fair and you just finished buying one of those big honkin' corn dogs, you know the ones that cost about $6.00. You walk over to the condiment table to douse that dog on a stick with ketchup, when all of a sudden it slips out of your hand and drops right in the dirt.

Damn, now what do you do?

Do you...

A) Leave it on the ground for some dog to enjoy in about ten-minutes. Go get back in line and shell out another 6-bucks to buy another one?

B) Pick it up, dust it off and eat it anyway?

You might want to give some serious thought to option B from now on. A new study out of England has found the "five-second rule" is not a myth.

A study out of Aston University in Birmingham, England found that time does make a difference in bacteria transferring from the floor to food. As long as you get that piece of food off the floor in roughly five or six seconds, you'll more than likely be fine.

Research found that carpet transfers the least bacteria to your food. Laminate and tiled surfaces will transfer the most. Any kind of wet foods, like ice cream will pick up more bacteria than dry food.

87% of people say they'd be okay eating food they dropped on the floor if they picked it up quickly. Women are a little more gutsy than men. Ladies are far more likely to pop that dropped piece of food in their mouth than men according to the study.

Yeah, if you decide to give it a try let me know how that works out for ya. I'll be the guy standing in line buying another $6.00 corn dog.