Gene Simmons has sworn off groupies! The rock and roll legend who claims he slept with 4800 women -- before marrying wife Shannon Tweed last year -- says he's not in the market for number 4801! He tells News Corporation's Australian Division, "At some point, every guy has got to get over his selfishness and arrogance and lying. Imagine a scenario where you get to be an a-hole for 28 years, and there's a magical woman, an angel, who's been there with you every year and waited that long."

With KISS promoting a down under tour beginning March 5th in Melbourne, Simmons seems very comfortable as the faithful family man. "I took a hard look in the mirror. She raised our children and made a great home with peace and quiet and a happy life. All I did was make the money. She was the woman who did all the heavy lifting and got none of the credit.''