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It's getting close to that gift-giving time of year once more! And you know that secret Santa gifts are going to be on your gift getting list too. Now every secret Santa gift exchange I have been apart of there is usually a dollar amount that you try to stick within.

I've heard this range be anywhere from $5-$30. I've also seen that people tend to get creative as well with this tight of a budget before when it comes to gifts for their co-workers. However, not all of us can be creative when it comes to gifts in a tighter budget. Not to worry! We took the liberty of finding some secret Santa gifts that only Amazon could put together. (Plus, if you're a procrastinator that prime two-day shipping might really come in handy.)

Not to mention while looking for gifts you can also search by age, gender and by price range.

For the person in the office who has all the latest gadgets:


This would be perfect for the co-worker who is always just a bit sarcastic:


We all have those coworkers who seem a bit too high strung and just need to relax, this might help: