Sioux Falls Fire Rescue and Sioux Falls Police Department have an annual friendly competition to see which department can recruit the most blood donors for the community’s blood supply. Through January 4th, you can donate blood in honor of the Sioux Fall Police Department or Sioux Falls Fire Rescue at either Sanford Medical Center or Avera McKennan Hospital.

Rita Nelson is with the Community Blood Bank. "The weeks between Christmas and New Year's, we were really struggling, so this has made a huge difference and made a huge impact on the community here. "We have a lot of donors that wait for this event."

Captain Loren McManus said with the Sioux Falls Police Department would like to entice donors to cast their vote the Sioux Falls Police Department. "We have better treats in the end. So we encourage people to donate to our side." All kidding aside, the purpose is important. "The big focus is that we keep the blood bank supplied with the blood that they need," McManus said.

The winner of the competition gets a traveling trophy and $700 for a charity of their choice. The loser still gets $300. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue's charity is the Children's Home Society and the police department is Special Olympics South Dakota. The competition started 23 years ago. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue is up overall with the score at 14 to 8.  As of December 28, The votes for the Sioux Falls Fire Department had them in the lead at 174, while the Sioux Falls Police Department was trailing behind at 148.



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