Peter Frampton says his schoolmate David Bowie helped resurrect his career following its decline after the monumental success of Frampton Comes Alive.

Frampton says, "The ‘80s were a difficult period for me, until my dear friend David Bowie got me out on the road for the Glass Spider tour and on his 'Never Let Me Down' record, and re-introduced me as a guitar player around the world. I can never thank him enough for believing in me, and seeing past the image of the satin pants and big hair to the guitar player he first met when we played together in school. I enjoyed touring with David so much I just wanted to go back out and play, because I hadn’t really played out that much in the ‘80s.”

The guitar will be the focus of Frampton's summer tour, as he's taking a number of pickers with him, including B.B. King. Now only if Frampton could get Bowie to come out of seclusion.


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