The Minnesota Vikings are looking to get back on the winning track in 2022 but they will be doing so with a familiar face heading to a NFC foe.

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Former Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr has signed with the Dallas Cowboys according to reports.

Barr had spent his entire career with the Vikings and had played a big part in the success of the defense when he was healthy.

He almost left for the New York Jets a few years ago in free agency, but had a change of mind and returned to Minnesota before signing his deal with New York.

Dallas was in the market for defensive help after losing multiple players in the off season to free agency.

Barr's deal is for one year and worth $2 million which adds to speculation on why Minnesota wouldn't bring back their former linebacker for such a cheap price.

For more information on the Dallas Cowboys, their current roster and their upcoming 2022 schedule, you can visit their team website.



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