Issues with head restraints, crankshafts, lightbars, engine failures, and brake boosters have led to the recall of nearly one million vehicles in the United States in the past few days.

Recalls from U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration include vehicles from Ford, Chrysler, and Hyundai.

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The Ford recall involves more than 979,000 Ford Expedition, Lincoln Navigator, Ford F-Super Duty, and SuperCab vehicles for a head restraint instruction issue.

Ford is recalling 979,797 of its vehicles, including certain 2018-2023 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator models that have third-row seating and 2019-2023 F-Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, and F-600 SuperCab vehicles along with three-passenger front bench seat regular cab models for not having instructions on how to adjust or remove certain head restraints in the owner's manual, according to an NHSTA report.

Ford plans to mail addendums to the owner's manual that instructs on how to remove and adjust the vehicle head restraints for the center seating positions. The notification letters are expected to be mailed on July 10 and will be free of charge.

Ford is also recalling 16,375 select 2022-2023 F-150 BEV vehicles for a rear lightbar issue in which the lightbar may have microcracks in its outer lens, allowing moisture to collect which could result in out-of-order or flickering reverse lights, an NHSTA safety report states.

Dealers will replace the rear lightbar of the vehicle free of charge. Letters to owners are expected to be mailed on June 26.

The Chrysler recall involves over 80,000 of its Dodge Ram 1500 and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles for a potential crankshaft failure issue and nearly 12,500 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles for potential engine failure issues.

80,629 2014-2019 Ram 1500 and 2014-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles that have 3.0L diesel engines, citing an issue where the crankshaft position sensor tone wheel may delaminate, which could cause an engine stall, according to an NHSTA safety report.

12,458 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles that have 2.0L PHEV engines for a potential engine shutdown issue caused by a loss of communication between the vehicle's transmission control module and the hybrid control processor.

Dealers will also update the control software free of charge, and notification letters are expected to be mailed to owners on July 28.

The Hyundai recall is for 322 2023 Palisade vehicles for a potential issue in which the brake booster diaphragm may become misaligned and cause an internal vacuum leak in the vehicle, potentially leading to a loss of power brake assist, according to an NHSTA report.

Hyundai dealers will inspect and replace the brake booster if necessary for free. Notification letters to owners are expected to be mailed on August 7.

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