While the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak takes its toll on the world both medically and financially, there continue to be several unintended consequences related to this pandemic.

So far we've endured shortages in essentials like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks, beef, and pork. We've also seen things like condoms and even soap operas in short supply thanks to Coronavirus.

So many shortages have emerged during this pandemic that there's an entire Wikipedia page devoted to the topic.

Well, you can now add something else to the last - carbonated beverages.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that carbon dioxide- the stuff that produces those bubbles in soda and beer - is in short supply.

The reason? A change in our lifestyles during the last few 'shelter at home' months.

Because we're not venturing out as much lately, we've been using far less gasoline. And while that's been great for the prices at the pump, it's forced refineries to produce less ethanol.

It turns out that one of the byproducts of the refining process is the CO2 that is essential to making our favorite drinks fizzy.

With production levels down one-third, drink makers are now paying 25 percent more for carbon dioxide, which means we'll all be paying more and perhaps drinking less if production levels don't come back soon.

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