Spike is a humble, gentleman farmer. He and his family live just over the border in LyonCounty Iowa.  He’s also Chief Technician at Spike’s Auto Repair. Every spring, for over a decade, Mike “Spike” Bruggeman becomes a BIG TALKER, artist, and evangelist.

Before plowing his field in preparation for planting, Spike artfully and thoughtfully designs a massive religious message he paints all over his farmland. We’re talkin’ acres and acres. His paintbrush is his tractor and plow.

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The religious message is similar year-to-year. Spike always engraves a Bible reference or two. In the past, he has also drawn a cross or a heart. Below is Spike’s 2021 work, reflecting on current times:




2021 - Levi Weischedel, Townsquare Media
2021 - Levi Weischedel, Townsquare Media

(photo credit - Levi Weischedel)

Check out the view from space from a few years back. Go to Spike’s Repair on Google Maps and click on Satellite View. Keep in mind, Spike never uses GPS! He is guided by instinct and faith. Below is Spike’s 2020 entry into his field art portfolio, taken by a pilot friend of his:

USED WITH PERMISSION (photo credit – Ryan Good)
USED WITH PERMISSION (photo credit – Ryan Good)

I asked Spike if he’s ever made a mistake. After all, there’s no DELETE button or White Out on his tractor. He said, “Once I was writing the J (in Jesus), and I wrote it backward.” Oops! Guess we’re not ALL perfect…only the “J” man.  

Spike’s father, Donnie, started the tradition years ago when he rented a small farm field from a neighbor named Harley.  For fun, Donnie would plow the name HARLEY into that field.

Like father, like son.

Spikes religious field art can only be seen in its full glory from a passing drone, hot air balloon, airplane, spacecraft, satellite, or UFO. So if you’re flying in or out of Sioux Falls from the southeast before corn and beans get planted, take a look out your window.

Spike…CHEERS to you and bless your family! You may be “Lyon County’s Most Interesting Man”! Can I hear an AMEN?

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