South Dakota Farm owners thought the head had been cut off their beloved tame deer before its body was dumped off a bridge. But now there is a twist in the story.

The first week in February the owners of Good Earth Farm by Lennox posted this offer of reward concerning "Pearl" the deer on their Facebook page...

“$2,500.00 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person who killed, decapitated, and dumped the deer off the bridge on 283rd Street just west of 466th Avenue south of Lennox. For the record, we aren't certain this is Pearl, but she went missing about the time it showed up. So it appears likely.”

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Today Good Earth Farm posted an update on the pet deers demise with a bit of a twist...

"We've had a wild 24 hours! #ourgirlpearl is back on the scene thanks to @zach_leisinger and @tleisinger14

There's a longer story here that we will post later, but Zach saw Pearl yesterday morning alongside a gravel road where a pretty large herd of deer are hunkered down for the winter.

We went back at dusk with the intention of seeing her for ourselves and to remove her collar so she could live her best deer life with the herd.

Once she saw Jeff, she came running and followed him back to the house--literally. She barged her way right in.

It's been a pretty emotional few weeks. Who knew that you could get so attached to an animal? We had no idea how many people she interacted with.

We also learned A LOT about hunting and our community. I've got so many thoughts running through my head about this entire experience and I need some time to reflect on it.

Thank you to everyone who reached out with kind words, photos, and thoughts. Enjoy this beautiful South Dakota day while it lasts.

Thanks for sharing the good news! Welcome home, Pearl!

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