The most important part of the Everson Griffen story is that he feels he is mentally ready to return to his job as a NFL defensive lineman this week for the Minnesota Vikings.

The secondary story is whether or not he will be able to have the same kind of impact on the field as he has in the past.

Griffen returns to the field for the Vikings this week after a lengthy absence as he dealt with some mental health issues.

The Vikings are 4-2-1 and are really starting to get into a roll that could potentially put them back in the NFC Championship game for the second strait year if they continue to play like they have the last couple of weeks.

As well as Minnesota has played, they do need Griffen in my opinion to get back to where they were a year ago.

Not only is he extremely disruptive for opposing offenses, he seems to be well liked by his teammates and is a leader on that defense.

With his return, he could be the final piece needed to put this defense back on the elite level we saw them at for most of last year and at points this season.

The first test will be this Sunday night as the Vikings host the New Orleans Saints in a rematch of last years epic playoff game and we will see what kind of impact Griffen can have in his return to the field.


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