There still is time to get wet before the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department closes the pools this year.Before they all look like the McKennan Park facility (above), you can still use the new season pass key fob to gain entry.

In fact, Jean Pearson who is Aquatics Director in Sioux Falls says some season passes are still being sold for this year.

(Dan Peters/KSOO)

Pearson says the new electronic pass method has been a success after an initial grind that occurs with any new system.  Pearson said the employees and the patrons learned how to utilize the service.

One pass allows access for an entire family, which led to families bringing just one key fob.  It is not necessary for each person to scan the card if you come as a group.

Pearson noted there was a constant theme of trying to make the experience better as the season progressed.

Pearson Says Pool Staff Was Determined to Improve

One aspect of the summer that was disappointing was beyond anyone’s control.  The weather put a damper on attendance and passes sold.

A few chilly days in both June and July prevented optimum use of the pools.  Last year’s hot and dry conditions were great for the pools by contrast.

Pearson Says Weather a Factor In Pool Usage

Four Sioux Falls city facilities are still open, though Drake Springs will close on Friday August 23.  Laurel Oak Family Aquatic Center and Kuehn Pool will remain open through Sunday September 1.  Pioneer Spray Park will also remain open until September 1.