It's a valid question: should the American Petroleum Institute advertise their product in a segment of the country that produces lots of ethanol? If you are not sure of the reference, you can watch the commercial here.

In a nutshell, the message claims that ethanol is harmful to engines and eventually you will have to make expensive repairs because you use ethanol as opposed to unleaded fuel without ethanol. The American Petroleum Institute is calculating that this message placed on our airwaves is a good investment.

Conversely, if the ethanol industry would like to tell their side of the story they have ample opportunity to do so.

Think of it this way: Coca-Cola is based in Atlanta. Is Pepsi barred from advertising their product in that city? Absolutely not.

There is a segment of people who would prefer to drink a different carbonated beverage and those consumers should be able to choose.

Essentially, the public airwaves are open to individuals or businesses that would like to tell their story. Certain standards of quality and decency do apply.

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