Now available via iTunes as a digital download is Mr. Blue Sky: The Story Of Jeff Lynne And ELO. The documentary, which contains unbelievable access to Lynne at work in him home studio in L.A., features testimonials from such high profile friends and collaborators as Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty, Joe Walsh, ELO bandmate Richard Tandy, Olivia and Dhani Harrison, Roy Orbison's widow Barbara Orbison, and Monty Python's Eric Idle. The film showcases his years with ELO, his collaborations and production work with George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Del Shannon, his co-founding of the Traveling Wilburys, as well as producing the mid-'90s Beatles' Anthology reunion tracks.

Lynne has reactivated the ELO brand with the new collection, Mr. Blue Sky - The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra -- which features his recent note-perfect re-recordings of ELO's greatest hits. We asked Lynne how -- as he approaches 65 -- he's able to sound exactly like he did when he was in his '20s and '30s: "I think my voice has got a bit better in the last few years, because it's got a bit deeper over the past 10, or 15 years, so. . . and it has a bit more resonance than it did -- it's warmer. And I think that is, it's a good thing. And I think probably. . . probably the fact that I didn't go on tour for all those years, y'know for 30 years, helped my voice, too, without shouting every night."