With the studio system no longer promoting actors into stardom, sometimes it takes circuitous routes to become the next big thing. Eddie Redmayne is now in the loop for major roles, after his turn last year as the lead in 'My Week with Marilyn' and with a cherry role in this year's 'Les Miserables' he now looking to join The Wachowskis' 'Jupiter Ascending.'

This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and little is known about the project, other than it currently stars Channing Tatum as Django Wise and that Mila Kunis is set to play a Russian immigrant named Jupiter. This then would likely be the third lead, or possible villain.

After 'Cloud Atlas' it will be interestined to see what sort of movie the Wachowskis make, as they are coming off a string of box office failures and disappointments. Really, they haven't satisfied a mainstream audience since 1999's 'The Matrix' though every film since has generated a cult following or appreciation (even though the body's barely cold, it's fair to say that 'Cloud Atlas' has its passionate defenders).Which would make you think that 'Jupiter Ascending,' especially with these stars and Warner Brothers attached, seems like their attempt to do something with wide appeal.

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