Ed Sheeran's latest single, "2Step" is the fifth single off of his album, =.

The album version released to radio includes Atlanta rapper, Lil Baby.

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The music video for "2Step" was filmed in Kyiv, Ukraine just before the attacks from Russia. It features some very interesting special effects as well as Ed Sheeran showing off a few dance moves. See that music video above.

In a written statement at the beginning of the video, Ed Sheeran states, "I stand with Ukraine and will be donating my record royalties from YouTube streams of the video to the DEC's Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal."

Ed Sheeran/YouTube
Ed Sheeran/YouTube

Now there is a remix version of "2Step" featuring Ukrainian band, Antyltila. This version includes a verse in Ukrainian. The remix music video features two young dancers separated by the violence. They are seen dancing around the rubble and devastation. Very powerful visually. See that music video below.

The Ukrainian verse translated into English:

The sirens interrupted our sleep,

Grabbed in two suitcases everything that is the past, then go! Go!

You got behind the wheel forward to the unknown, with all the nerves in the fist.

Oh! Do not tear me so, coz I remain.

To inhale the smoke, Dior's latest scents with it.

I remember you wanted to go to Rome... Everything goes to the fact that first we will go to the Crimea.

We will make there our own motion, no one will get away with it.

That strained morning keeps holding us, like a TV-series - a drama for months.

We are the heroes in this, and showrunners simultaneously. The scenario is burning. How many more missiles?

Honey, I promise when it's all over… I will dance with you so slow,

And I will kiss directly in the place where love is, again and again.

Wait for me till it’s all over.

I will fall with you into this flow,

Will cover you with kisses there where love is, again and again.

Wait for me till it’s all over.





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