Irving Azoff will continue to manage the Eagles and Van Halen after stepping down as the head of Live Nation. As part of his exit package, he'll get to keep some of his biggest clients, which had fallen under the Live Nation/Ticketmaster umbrella as part of his Front Line Management company.

Azoff says, "I am going to remain a manager, although not to the scale that I was. I'm going to look to do other things in the business. I love the representation business. I'd like to maybe expand that beyond just music. But [Live Nation] were kind enough to work out a way for me to exit my contract early and still work with the people who are my friends, that I love and work with every day. That's people like the Eagles, Van Halen, Steely Dan and Christina [Aguilera], the people you'd expect to be on that list."

Azoff spent the New Year's holiday at his villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico ringing in 2013 with one of his clients, Don Henley.

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