Will Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band wrap its long-running Wrecking Ball world tour without one last North American swing??? Rolling Stone pressed Steve Van Zandt about "The Boss's" tour ending plans for this fall, with Van Zandt admitting, "I really, really don't know. I know that Bruce is off in August. But what happens in October-November, I don't know. I really don't. I would tell you, but I don't know. It's possible we've passed the point where it's even possible now. I'd always heard that the tour was ending in September. I've heard that for the last year-and-a-half. Then you start hearing rumors on the street. Half the time they're true, so I never know. Some things you hear turn out to be rumors, but in this case I don't think we are (playing more shows). But I honestly haven't been told we're not, so I don't know. We probably would have heard by now if we were."

Although Van Zandt is happy to hit the road whenever Springsteen calls the band to ramp up, he wouldn't mind the timing of road treks becoming more structured: "I wish we would play every year for a certain amount of time, whether it's June-July-August-September. . . Whatever it is. I wish we'd establish a pattern of doing that every single year, and then everybody could have a second life the other months of the year. I'm of the endless, infinite tour philosophy. I wish the touring schedule would never end -- it would just change from year to year, wherever we were."

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